Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Last Post

As of today, 23/11/14, I can no longer support, endorse or agree with all the opinions and interpretations I've written on this blog. while I don't renounce everything, there is just too much chaff mixed in with the wheat for me to continue. Therefore, this is the last post on this blog. I'm not going to delete this blog (want it to stand as a record of my Christian maturation), but from this moment on, I'll be posting solely at the new the sting of salt and light.

For more of the why's and wherefore's, see the first post on the new blog.

See you there!



    When the truth opposes doctrinal positions, men reject the truth. If Scripture is contrary to long held denominational teaching most men either reject Scripture outright or explain it away. God's truth, found in the Bible, is the first casualty of denominational rules for faith and practice.

    God's Truth: 1 Corinthians 13:8-13 Love never fails; but if there are gifts of prophecy, they will be done away; it there are tongues, they will cease; if there is knowledge, it will be done away.........13 But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love. (NASB)

    Opposite of God's Truth: Gifts of prophecy have not been done away with. Tongues have not ceased. Knowledge that is God's revelation to men has not been done away with. Faith, hope, love, tongues, prophecy, and special knowledge from God, these six abide with us today.

    God's Truth: Mark 16:16 He who has believed and has been baptized shall be saved; but he who has disbelieved shall be condemned.(NASB)

    Opposite of God's Truth: He who has believed is saved immediately. Water baptism has nothing to do with being saved. Besides that, Mark 16:16 should not be included the Bible away; because it is not included in some manuscripts. You really cannot trust God to give mankind an accurate translation of the Bible.

    God's Truth: Acts 10:25-26 When Peter entered, Cornelius met him, and fell at his feet and worshiped him. 26 But Peter raised him up, saying, "Stand up; I too am just a man."(NASB)

    Opposite of God's Truth: The apostle Peter should have permitted Cornelius to worship him; because the apostle Peter was the first Catholic pope. Cornelius should have kissed Peter's ring and feet. Cornelius was correct, he should have treated Peter with awe, reverence. adoration, and veneration. Peter was the first Holy Father on earth and deserved to be worshipped.

    God's Truth: Revelation 3:1-6 "To the angel of the church in Sardis write:..........5 He who overcomes will thus be clothed in white garments; and I will not erase his name from the book of life....(NASB)

    Opposite of God's Truth: Jesus was not talking to Christians. Christians are once saved always saved, there is no possibility of having their names erased from the book of life.

    The first casualty of God's truth is man's opinion.


    1. Steve, I just saw this "comment" now--as the post itself says, this is not my current blog--so forgive my late reply...

      I'm not exactly sure the relevance of your comment to my post, but I have a feeling your final statement might be some allusion to my mention of no longer endorsing the "opinions" expressed on this blog. I wonder, have you considered that "man's opinion" is simply another way of saying "man's belief"? You're belief that the Bible is God's Word is your opinion on the Scriptures; which is to say, it is your opinion that the Bible is the Word of God.

      As well, you're opinion on the originality of Mark 16:16 is pure traditionalism; it is not founded on inspired reason.

      Btw, is it your opinion that the NASB is the perfect, inerrant word of God? Are you aware that its translators are of the opinion that Mark 16:9-20 is not original and have therefore placed the entire passage in square brackets?

      I'll head on over to your blog and see what you're all about. You've piqued my curiosity.