Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Links & Blogs

I just added two new links and two new blogs to my link & blog rolls...

Advent of Messiah is the blog of David M. Cook, whose thoughts I first encountered on the Rosh Pina Project site. His blog's "About" page opens with the following:

This blog is about the arrival of the promised Messiah.  These posts are by David M. Cook the author of the book Advent of Messiah, the astonishing account of the arrival of the promised Messiah and the early years of His life on earth.  This book brings in history from the Jewish nation, the Roman Empire and the Gospel accounts of Saint Matthew and Luke to provide a vital and full spectrum of the advent of the Christ Child.

[NOTE 03/04/12: The links to both Advent of Messiah and Rosh Pina Project have been removed]

Grace and Truth Ministries is Jim Brown's website. Jim is a very unorthodox preacher, as I said on another site:
Jim’s teaching style is a bit screechy and aggressive at times—an unorthodox mix of edgy brilliance and Southern-fried iconoclasm—but if you can stand the heat, you’ll come to love the kitchen. A major proponent of “define, define, define”, Jim is a no-nonsense, serious-as-cancer Expositor of the Word of God.
Those words were from the new link My Bible Study Course, How To Study with the Greek NT. I ran the course over 10 Sundays at Paihia Baptist Church in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Each lesson covered a general principle for studying the Bible. All the Lesson notes are available there and I have no problem emailing any documents or handouts to anyone that wants them. I'm also more than happy to explain or clarify any of the teachings there.

PBC Greek Class was a first year Koine Greek course that I ran at Paihia Baptist Church. There were 20 lessons on that course which covered 32 weeks! As with the course above, the Lesson Notes are available on the site and I'd be delighted to send any of the other documents to whomever wants them. 


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